Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lunch Lady Lime Pears

Ok, does anyone remember school lunch?  I think I'm probably one of the only people who actually liked to eat in the cafeteria.  I know many people who wouldn't have eaten the food served in there if their life depended on it.  So call me crazy, but for some strange reason I was one of the few who ate cafeteria food on a daily basis and liked it.  The other day, I have no idea why, I remembered one of the 'desserts' that I ate with many of my school lunches.  It had to be back in the 70's when I had it and I have no idea if they still serve it, but here it is...

"Does it look familiar at all?"

Yes, pear halves sprinkled with lime jello.  I know, I know now there's proof that I am crazy! 
Seriously, it's really good.  Try it and see if it brings back memories! 


  1. Never seen anything like it. I was not lucky enough to get to eat breakfast or lunch very much in the school cafeteria. In my world it was only the rich and poor that got to eat breakfast in the cafeteria. I was always kind of jealous because my mom would always make sure I had breakfast before I left for school, and usually it wasn't anything to tell my friends about or be excited for, but it saved money I guess. When I got to school I would smell cinnamon buns and bacon...and the kids on "assistance" were getting to eat all that good stuff! And also the kids whose parents had money, but no time, so instead of feeding their kids, they sent them to school for that. I guess I was well taken care of, but I wanted to eat with them!

    When I got older and my parents had a little more money, I did have lunch money...but I used to save it for other stuff and not eat half the time!

    Back to this idea...Canned pears are always "kind of" good...but lacking some pizazz. I see this as a great way to use up that jello that has been sitting in the cupboard for too long that we bought for...who knows what in the world we have jello in the cupboard for...we never eat jello! My wife must make some desserts or something...the type I usually dont eat so I dont remember.

    But, next time I'm having a can of pears...This will be in the back of my mind. I imagine it would work with any fruit flavored jello.

    1. Thanks for your comment Kenny. Yes you can use any flavor jello to flavor the pears. I hope that you try them!


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